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Elevate products to provide superior customer experiences. Use Blue Bite to create engaging digital experiences that users can access through the items they own.

Make products more competitive in the marketplace

Add a digital layer to understand how customers are engaging past the point of sale

Gain valuable insight to inform product lifecycle management

Industries that benefit:
Apparel, Consumer Electronics, Tools, Games & Toys, Sports Equipment, and more



Enable product packaging and labels with interactive technology to boost customer engagement. Using Blue Bite, build and execute dynamic experiences tailored to enhance your product offering.

Differentiate products to more effectively acquire and retain customers

Provide in-depth product information, replenish supply, and gather feedback

Deploy dynamic, digital experiences that live directly on product packaging and labels

Industries that benefit:
Beauty, Pharmaceutical, Fitness, Apparel, Games & Toys, Consumer Electronics, Food & Beverage, Wine & Spirits, and more



Enhance cards to improve customer experience. With Blue Bite, design and deploy contextually-aware experiences to strengthen customer-brand relationships.

Improve customer experience to foster brand loyalty

Design unlimited dynamic and contextually-aware experiences for customers

Review history of card use, track loyalty points and rewards, obtain information on location amenities and layout

Industries that benefit:
Fitness, Healthcare, Gaming, Credit Cards, Hospitality, Pharmaceutical, and more



Transform traditional signage into digital, interactive hubs to boost consumer engagement and improve customer experience.

Turn an impression into a two-way interaction

Measure experience interactions and conversions to determine messaging and signage effectiveness

Create seamless experiences for users to get pertinent information and make instant purchases

Industries that benefit:
Hospitality, Outdoor Media, Place Based Media, Retail, Fitness, and more

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