One Platform - Rules All

Our enterprise cloud platform is all-encompassing: allowing users to manage their places and objects, assign content, analyze performance and more – all in real-time. It is the only platform in the world that supports seamless interactivity and data flow through eight unique technologies.


Our dual-mode beacons support both iBeacon and Eddystone (Physical Web) protocols, allowing customers to deploy a single piece of hardware to reach a wider audience. At only 1.5”x1.5” in size, they can be deployed in almost any outdoor media and retail environment.


Blue Bite’s Touchpoints are embedded with NFC (Near Field Communication), RFID and QR Codes. The easy-to-deploy touchpoints come in many shapes and sizes from vinyl adhesives, to magnets, to washable wearables – enabling any product or space for interactivity.


Compatible with the broadest base of users and mobile devices, our SMS (short message service) solution allows users to easily connect to physical objects. Effective and familiar to consumers, SMS allows for a direct interaction without the need to deploy any hardware.


Geofencing is an effective way to reach audiences across apps and mobile web, at scale. From dynamic creative delivery, to measuring in-store visits and retargeting, our platform makes finding and interacting with your consumers easier than ever.


Branded WiFi hotspots provide value and utility to users while creating awareness and exposure for the brand. Our solution allows you to manage log-ins, deliver custom content and measure activity to calculate ROI.

Smart Devices

Extend consumer interactivity beyond a mobile device. Enable digital displays, in-store kiosks, and networked systems to show product information, welcome screens and other messaging to shoppers without requiring them to take out their phones.