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Let’s Make Something Great Together. Blue Bite offers a one stop shop for all of your development, and deployment needs.


When presented with a new project, we challenge ourselves to brainstorm and ideate consumer experiences that captivate and delight. We think, rethink, create, destroy, and rebuild a concept until it is something we are proud of bringing to life.

We are constantly driven by our main goal – creating experiences that will invite users to engage with the places and things surrounding them, derive value from those interactions, and ultimately share them with friends and other users.


With every design that we create, we aim to tell a story - one that clearly communicates a message to consumers and compels them to interact with connected products or places, all the while, making it fun, simple and intuitive.

From the visual design of printed materials or digital screens that are meant to inform, to the responsive mobile experiences that will keep users engaged and connected with their favorite brands and places, we create memorable moments.


More than meets the eye, behind all of our mobile experiences, both in-app and mobile web, is a solid, beautiful foundation of code. Every line of which, our experienced and dedicated team has worked tirelessly to develop, test, and secure.

Like the Freedom Tower, an iconic beacon of the New York City skyline - its exterior glassy and smooth, but sophisticated and solid on the inside - the code we develop is smooth and seamless on the front-end, but complex and robust within.


Anyone can put anything out there. But at Blue Bite, we think smartly about where to deploy our technology. We know our location inventory like the backs of our hands, and match our clients’ objectives with the right places and technologies.

It’s not just about deploying the latest and greatest, we focus on a mix that will generate the best results for our partners and clients. Beyond our savvy placement, we deploy and monitor our tech so our clients don’t have to worry about it.